Q. Is there a separate application for financial aid?
A. No. You will automatically be considered for a research assistantship when you apply to the program.

Q. Can any of the requirements for admissions documents be waived?
 A. No. The Graduate School requires all relevant scores and transcripts before they will consider your application, and we are unable to consider you for admission to our program until you have met their minimum requirements.

Q. What is the code for sending test scores from ETS?
A. You should direct your test scores to the UK Graduate School, #R1837.

Q. What should I write in my Statement of Purpose?
A. This should be an original, personal document (i.e., not written by a professional writer or containing passages copied from books, articles, or other sources) that describes your interest and/or background in plant pathology and plant sciences, outlines your goals for the future, and describes how you think our Graduate Program could help you to achieve those goals.

Q. Is there a minimum required GRE score to be considered for admission?
A. We consider GRE scores along with all other available data. We do not have a minimum required score, but the better you do, the more competitive you will be for limited assistantship funding. For international students, there are minimum required scores on the TOEFL or IELTS exam. These can be found on the Graduate School application information page.

Q. Can letters of recommendation be sent by e-mail?
A. Yes. PDF documents with verified electronic signatures will be acceptable.

Q. Is there a form letter for the letters of recommendation?
A. No.

Q. What if my institution will not send official transcripts to the UK Graduate School directly?
A. Some institutions will provide official transcripts in sealed envelopes, marked with official seals or stamps, to the applicants instead of mailing them directly to the Graduate School. In that case, the applicant can send the sealed transcripts to the Plant Pathology DGS, and the DGS will ensure that these transcripts reach the graduate school. It is important for the applicant to notify us that official transcripts for the Graduate School are included in the application packet.

Q. Can you tell me before I apply if I am likely to be admitted/funded?
A. Unfortunately, we cannot tell you that until we have a chance to look at your completed application and compare it with our entire pool of applicants. The only information we can provide you is whether or not your GPA or TOEFL scores meet the minimum requirements of the Graduate School; if they do not, you will not be eligible for our program. We cannot consider applicants for admission without a completed application.

Q. When will I find out if I’ve been admitted?
A. The department usually makes admissions decisions between March 15 and April 15 for the fall semester, and between August 15 and September 15 for the spring semester. You will be notified of acceptance and of any offer of financial aid by e-mail, followed up with a hard copy of the letter by regular mail. If your application was complete, but you were not admitted, you will receive an official rejection letter from the UK Graduate School sometime in May or October. However, if you want to know sooner, you are welcome to contact the DGS by e-mail to inquire.

Q. If I have a question about my online application, about whether my test scores and transcripts have arrived, or about my application fee, who should I ask?
A. First check your online account. Then if you still have questions, contact your admissions officer at the UK Graduate School, Ms. Mary Richardson (mrich6@uky.edu).

Q. If I have a question about the Plant Pathology graduate program, about moving to or living in Lexington Kentucky, about whether my application materials for the department have arrived, or about any other topic related to graduate study in Lexington, who should I ask?
A. Contact the DGS of Plant Pathology, Dr. Nicole Gauthier (ngauthier@uky.edu).

Q. Is there a document I can access for additonal information?
A. Yes. See the Graduate Student Handbook for more detailed information.