Sources of Funding

Because we feel that it is very important for graduate students to be able to focus on their studies exclusively, we typically do not admit students on a part-time basis, nor do we usually admit students to whom we can offer no financial support (unless they have their own support from another source). The majority of our students are funded on research assistantships.  These are funded either from general departmental funds, by a grant from the student's major professor, by one of several fellowship sources available to the Department, or by some combination of these sources. Tuition waivers are included as part of the financial package offered to each student.

It is not necessary for a prospective student to apply separately for financial support. Appropriate funding will be identified for each student that is admitted to the graduate program, and details of that funding will be outlined in the offer letter that will be sent to each successful applicant.

Useful financial aid information

Health Care Benefits

Graduate students also receive personal health coverage (details are available at the link below).  It is important to be aware that students are not covered until they are officially enrolled in the program on the first day of classes.  Health insurance is required for all international students, thus, they should plan to purchase some type of temporary health insurance if they plan to arrive on campus prior to the first day of classes.

Student health insurance information


All graduate students are personally liable for certain fees, including course fees charged for some lab classes, the Johnson Center fee that allows students to use campus recreational facilities, and the student health services fee that allows students to utilize the Kentucky Clinic student health care center.