The Department of Plant Pathology

at the University of Kentucky

Since its establishment in 1963, our department has gained recognition as one of the leading departments of plant pathology in the country and around the world. A defining characteristic is our intense focus on fundamental research, while still keeping “one foot in the furrow” by helping Kentucky’s agricultural community combat plant disease.

Plant Pathology at Kentucky is a vibrant research community. Our faculty are leaders in the field. Our exceptional laboratories and equipment serve cutting-edge research. Our intensive graduate program fosters excellence, with its up-to-the minute instruction, comprehensive laboratory training, collegiality, and engaged mentoring. In addition, the department attracts many postdoctoral scholars and renowned visiting scientists.

A vital part of the department’s mission is serving the practical needs of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Through our Extension service we maintain our commitment to Kentucky’s growers by investigating both traditional and modern approaches to disease control, including pioneering the use of biotechnology to diagnose and treat diseases more effectively.

The University of Kentucky Department of Plant Pathology has built a dynamic research environment. We encourage you to explore it further.