Carl Bradley
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Bradley Lab

Department of Plant Pathology
UK Research & Education Center
1205 Hopkinsville Street P.O. 469 Princeton KY 42445-0469

Professional Profile

Extension Professor


State-wide educational and applied research programs in disease management of:

  • Small grains
  • Soybeans
  • Canola


  • Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, 2001, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • M.S. in Plant Pathology, 1999, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • B.S. in Plant and Soil Sciences, 1995, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Employment Highlights

  • Extension Professor, University of Kentucky, 2015 - present
  • Associate Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2011-2015
  • Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2007-2011
  • Assistant Professor of Plant Pathology, North Dakota State University-Fargo, 2002-2006
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Idaho, Kimberly Research Extension Center, Kimberly, ID, 2001-2002

Professional Affiliations

  • American Phytopathological Society
  • Canadian Phytopathological Society
  • International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences
  • Crop Science Society of America

Recent Journal Publications

2011 to present

  • Agindotan, B., Okanu, N., Oladeinde. A., Voigt, T., Long, S., Gray, M., and Bradley, C. 2013. Detection of Switchgrass mosaic virus in Miscanthus and other grasses. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 35:81-86.
  • Bradley, C. A., 2012. Factors considered when making corn foliar fungicide application decisions in Illinois. Online. Journal of Extension 50(3) Article 3RIB7,
  • Willyerd, K. T., Li, C., Madden, L. V., Bradley, C. A., Bergstrom, G. C., Sweets, L. E., McMullen, M., Ransom, J. K., Grybauskas, A., Osborne, L., Wegulo, S. N., Hershman, D. E., Wise, K., Bockus, W. W., Groth, D., Dill-Mackey, R., Milus, E., Esker, P. D., Waxman, K. D., Adee, E. A., Ebelhar, S. E., Young, B. G., and Pual, P. A. 2012. Efficacy and stability of integrating fungicide and cultivar resistance to manage Fusarium head blight and deoxynivalenol in wheat. Plant Disease 96:957-967.
  • Zhang, G. R., Newman, M. A., and Bradley, C. A. 2012. First report of the soybean frogeye leaf spot fungus (Cercospora sojina) resistant to quinone outside inhibitor fungicides in North America. Plant Disease 96:767.
  • Bradley, C. A., Wood, A., Zhang, G. R., Murray, J. E., Phillips, D. V., and Ming, R. 2012. Genetic diversity of Cercospora sojina revealed by amplified fragment length polymorphism markers. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology 34:410-416.
  • Zhang, G. R., Pedersen, D. K., Phillips, D. V., and Bradley, C. A. 2012. Sensitivity of Cercospora sojina isolates to quinone outside inhibitor fungicides. Crop Protection 40:63-68.
  • Agindotan, B. O., Gray, M. E., Hammond, R. W., and Bradley, C. A. 2012. Complete genome sequence of Switchgrass mosaic virus, a member of a proposed new species in the genusMarafivirus. Archives of Virology doi: 10.1007/s00705-012-1354-3.
  • Peltier, A. J., Bradley, C. A., Chilvers, M. I., Malvick, D. K., Mueller, D. S., Wise, K. A., and Esker, P. D. 2012. Biology, yield loss and control of Sclerotinia stem rot of soybean. Online. Journal of Integrated Pest Management doi:
  • Bradley, C. A. and Pedersen, D. K. 2011. Baseline sensitivity of Cercospora zeae-maydis to quinone outside inhibitor fungicides. Plant Disease 95:189-194.
  • Ahonsi, M. O., Agindotan, B. O., Gray, M. E., and Bradley, C. A. 2011. First report of a basal stem rot and foliar blight caused by Pythium sylvaticum on Miscanthus sinensis in Illinois. Plant Disease 95:616.
  • Wise, K. A., Bradley, C. A., Markell, S. Pasche, J., Delgado, J. A., Goswami, R. S., and Gudmestad, N. C. 2011. Sensitivity of Ascochyta rabiei populations to prothioconazole and thiabendazole. Crop Protection 30:1000-1005.
  • Qi, M., Wang, D., Bradley, C. A., and Zhao, Y. 2011. Genome sequence analyses of Pseudomonas savastanoi pv. glycinea and subtractive hybridization-based comparative genomics with nine pseudomonads. PLoS One 6:e16451. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0016451.
  • Bilgi, V. N., Bradley, C. A., Mathew, F. M., Ali, S., and Rasmussen, J. B. 2011. Root rot of dry edible bean caused by Fusarium graminearum. Online. Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2011-0425-01-RS.
  • Khot, S. D., Bilgi, V. N., del Rio, L. E., and Bradley, C. A. 2011. Identification of Brassica napuslines with partial resistance to Sclerotinia sclerotiorum. Online. Plant Health Progress doi:10.1094/PHP-2010-0422-01-RS.
  • Weems, J. D., Ebelhar, S. A., Chapara, V., Pedersen, D. K., Zhang, G. R., and Bradley, C. A.2011. First report of charcoal rot caused by Macrophomina phaseolina on sunflower in Illinois. Plant Disease 95:1318.
  • Paul, P. A., L. V., Bradley, C. A., Robertson, A. E., Munkvold, G. P., Shaner, G., Wise, K. A., Malvick, D. K., Allen, T. W., Grybauskas, A., Vincelli, P., and Esker, P. 2011. Meta-analysis of yield response of hybrid field corn to foliar fungicides in the U.S. corn belt. Phytopathology 101:1122-1132.