Etta Nuckles

Etta Nuckles, Agriculture Research Specialist, Sr., received
the UK Staff Appreciation Award in December 2023. 
Ms. Nuckles, who is the lab technician and manager in
Dr. Lisa Vaillancourt's lab, was the overall winner out of
500 nominees. Her exemplary service to the Department
of Plant Pathology spans over 40 years.

.Lou Hirsch

Dr. Lou Hirsch, Assistant Professor, was presented with
the Outstanding Teaching Award for exceptional teaching
performance.  The award, which was presented April 26, 2023,
is presented to a teacher who is innovative, inclusive, and
committed to student success.  

AKacrhoo NSF

Dr. Aardra Kachroo, Professor, is on leave from UK while
she accepts a one-year appointment as the Program
Director of Plant Biotic Interactions at NSF (10/2023). 

Bradley award

Dr. Carl Bradley, Extension Professor, recieved the 
Mid-America CropLife Association (MACA) Educator of the Year
award on September 10, 2019.  The award is presented
to an individual who has demonstrated significant
contributions to American agriculture, especially in the MACA
region, and has demonstrated evidence of consistency in
educating the public on the value of production agriculture.
Presenting the award is MCAA president, Paul Edsten. 

McCulloch APS-SD award

Ms. Madison McCulloch,  Graduate Student, was the
first place recipient of the Graduate Student Research
Award for her presentation at the 2019 Southern Division
American Phytopathological Society meeting. 
Presenting the award in February is Nicholas Dufault,
Associate Professor at the University of Florida.
(Photo: Rodrigo Onofre, University of Florida, and
Southern Division-APS Graduate Student Association)

Kim Leonberger receives KASEP award

Ms. Kimberly Leonberger, Extension Associate,  was 
recognized as the recipient of the 2018 Outstanding
Extension Associate by the Kentucky Association of State
Extension Professionals (KASEP).  Selection criteria
included major program contributions, activities beyond
specialty area, and special assignments/involvement. 
Presenting the award on April 13, 2018 are Dr. Nicole
Gauthier, Associate Extension Professor and KASEP
President, and Dr. Gregg Rentfrow, Extension Associate
Professor and KASEP Awards Chair.
(Photo: Steve Patton, UK)

Nagy 2017 award

Dr. Peter Nagy, Professor, received the 2016 Prestigious
Paper Award at the Futures Lecture and Celebration of
Land-Grant Research Program.  Presenting the award is
Dr. Rick Bennett, Associate Dean for Research in the
College of Agriculture, Food and Environment.
(Photo: Matt Barton, UK)

2016 NWGauthier nominee

Dr. Nicole Ward Gauthier, Extension Assistant Professor, 
was selected as one of the Top 25 Students, Staff, Faculty
and Alumni within the College of Agriculture, Food and
Environment that has contributed to the Empowerment of
Women in 2016.
(Photo: Cheryl Kaiser, UK)

Shirley Harris

Ms. Shirley Harris, Administrative Services Assistant Senior
and Office Manager in the Department of Plant Pathology,
received the 2016 College of Agriculture, Food and
Environment Outstanding Staff Award in the "Office/Clerical-on
campus" category. Presenting the award at Ag Round-up is 
Dr. Nancy Cox, Dean of the College of Agriculture, Food
(Photo: Matt Barton, UK) 

Gauthier 2015 award

Dr. Nicole Gauthier, Extension Assistant Professor, 
received the 2015 Outstanding New Extension Faculty
Award at the 2015 KASEP (Kentucky Association of State
Extension Professionals) Awards Program on April 7, 2015 at
Spindletop Hall in Lexington, Kentucky. Pictured also
is Dr. Paul Vincelli, Extension Professor, who nominated
her for this award.
(Photo: Steve Patton, UK)

Kachroo 2014 award  

Dr. Pradeep Kachroo, Professor, received the Prestigious
Research Paper Award from the College of Agriculture dean,
Dr. Nancy Cox, at the Celebration of Land-Grant Research,
November 2014.
(Photo: Matt Barton, UK)

Nagy 2013 award

Dr. Peter Nagy, Professor, received the 2013 Bobby Pass
Excellence in Grantsmanship Award at the November 18
Celebration of Land-Grant Research & Awards Program.
Presenting the award is Dr. Scott Smith, Dean of the College of
(Photo: Matt Barton, UK)

Ghabrial retirement

Dr. Said A. Ghabrial, Professor, is honored upon his retirement,
December 2013. Presenting the gift is Dr. Christopher L.
Schardl, Professor and Department Chair.
(Photo: Cheryl Kaiser, UK)

Vincelli award 2011 

Dr. Paul Vincelli, Extension Professor, is recognized for
his Twenty Years of Service to Extension. The award was
presented by Dr. Jimmy Henning, Associate Dean for Extension,
at the Kentucky Association of State Extension Professionals
(KASEP), March 2011. 
(Photo: Steve Patton, UK)