Michael Goodin (In Memoriam)

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In Memoriam (1967-2020)




In order to establish successful infections, viruses must divert, commandeer, or inhibit cellular functions to their advantage while concomitantly avoiding defense responses mounted by host cells. Our research projects primarily involve the study of the plant-adapted members of the family Rhabdoviridae, which contains enveloped viruses with monopartite, minus-sense, single-stranded RNA genomes. Our primary research models, Sonchus yellow net virus (SYNV) and potato yellow dwarf virus (PYDV) replicate in nuclei of infected cells. For this reason, we are very interested in characterization of the nucleome. Additionally, we are identifying host factors required for rhabdoviral replication and cell-to-cell movement.



  • ABT 101: Introduction To Biotechnology
  • PPA 641: Plant Disease, Population Biology, and Biotechnology

Additional Information


  • Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, 1996, Pennsylvania State University
  • M.S. in Plant Pathology, 1992, Pennsylvania State University
  • B.S. in Biology & Chemistry, 1989, Brock University, Canada

Employment Highlights

  • Associate Professor, University of Kentucky, 2008-present
  • Assistant Professor, University of Kentucky, 2002-2008
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, University of California-Berkley, 1996-2002

Awards, Recognition, Service

  • University of Kentucky Undergraduate Council, 2012-2014
  • Co-Director of Undergraduate Studies for the University of Kentucky Agricultural Biotechnology Program, 2010-present
  • Director of the Plant Science Biological Imaging Facility, 2008-present

Recent Research Publications

(2012 to present; see Goodin Lab pages for a more complete list)


  • Gong X, Hurtado O, Wang B, Wu C, Yi M, Giraldo M, Valent B, Goodin M, Farman M (2015) pFPL Vectors for high-throughput protein localization in fungi: detecting cytoplasmic accumulation of putative effector proteins. Mol Plant Microbe Interact 28: 107-121. doi 10.1094/MPMI-05-14-0144-T


  • Dietzgen RG, Kuhn JH, Clawson AN, Freitas-Astua J, Goodin MM, Kitajima EW, Kondo H, Wetzel T, Whitfield AE (2014) Dichorhavirus: a proposed new genus for Brevipalpus mite-transmitted, nuclear, bacilliform, bipartite, negative-strand RNA plant viruses. Archives of Virology 159: 607-619. doi 10.1007/s00705-013-1834-0
  • Ramalho TO, Figueira AR, Sotero AJ, Wang R, Duarte PSG, Farman M, Goodin MM (2014) Characterization of Coffee Ringspot Virus-Lavras: A model for an emerging threat to coffee production and quality. Virology 464: 385-396. doi 10.1016/j.virol.2014.07.031


  • Ganesan, U.; Bragg, J.N.; Deng, M.; Marr, S.; Lee, M.Y.; Qian, S.S.; Shi, M.L.; Kappel, J.; Peters, C.; Lee, Y.;Goodin, M.M.; Dietzgen, R.G.; Li, Z.H.; Jackson, A.O., Construction of a Sonchus Yellow Net Virus minireplicon: a step toward reverse genetic analysis of plant negative-strand RNA viruses. Journal of Virology 2013, 87, 10598-10611. doi: 10.1128/jvi.01397-13


  • Anderson G, Wang R, Bandyopadhyay A, Goodin M. (2012) The Nucleocapsid Protein of Potato Yellow dwarf Virus: Protein Interactions and Nuclear Import Mediated by a Non-Canonical Nuclear Localization Signal. Front Plant Sci. 2012 Feb 2;3:14. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2012.00014. eCollection 2012.
  • Martin, K.M.; Dietzgen, R.G.; Wang, R.Y.; Goodin, M.M., Lettuce necrotic yellows cytorhabdovirus protein localization and interaction map, and comparison with nucleorhabdoviruses. Journal of General Virology 2012, 93, 906-914. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.038034-0
  • Dietzgen, R.G.; Martin, K.M.; Anderson, G.; Goodin, M.M., In planta localization and interactions of impatiens necrotic spot tospovirus proteins. Journal of General Virology 2012, 93, 2490-2495. doi: 10.1099/vir.0.042515-0